After tragically losing his wife ten years earlier to a brain aneurysm, Charles Walker (Tom Dubyna ) is now fighting to save the only thing he has left; his son, Christopher (Robert Piper), who is slowly losing his battle with a heroine addiction. When Christopher overdoses and ends up in a coma, Charles waits day in and day out for his son to wake. After a few days pass, his prayers are answered when Christopher comes to. The two begin to rebuild their relationship when Christopher seems determined to stay clean. In a month's time, life in the Walker household has transformed into something that the family once considered lost forever; a home filled with trust and free of heartache. That is, until Christopher comes up missing. Upon his return home, his relapse is obvious and
Charles is shaken to the core. It is then he realizes he must do something extreme to save his son from himself. As a parent, he knows he must commit an irrational act or take the chance of losing his son forever.